Opportunities for ECRs from around the World

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News from World Data System
Opportunities for ECRs from around the World
Exclusive Opportunities! 
Exciting Opportunity for WDS Members:! 
After a successful WDS Members Forum in October 2023 where we discussed key areas for the WDS' future focus, we're eager to hear from you. 
During our forum, diverse themes emerged from member presentations and discussions, providing valuable insight into potential priorities for the WDS. Now, we're extending this discussion to our wider community to gather your input on which themes should be the WDS' main focus in the near future. 
Your feedback will directly impact the strategic priorities and member services outlined in the WDS Action Plan renewal for 2025-26. Participating in this anonymous, voluntary questionnaire will take just five minutes of your time. 
Please share your thoughts before midnight on 11 February 2024, according to your time zone.
For any questions or concerns about the questionnaire, feel free to contact CJ Woodford at
Your valuable insights are integral to shaping the WDS' path ahead. Thank you for being a crucial part of the World Data System. 
Rising Stars: A Webinar on Early Career Researchers' Conference Experiences in Data 
Join us on 27 February at 4:00 AM UTC for our webinar, "Rising Stars: ECR Co-chairs Share Conference Experiences in Data." Discover the firsthand experiences of our ECR co-chairs - Maja Dolinar, Claire Rye, and Lianchong Zhang - as they discuss their journeys presenting at major data science conferences, including IDW23 and DSWS. 
Event Highlights: 
Date: 27 February 
Time: 4:00 AM UTC / 12:00 Noon CST / 5:00 AM CET / 5:00 PM NZDT 
Featured Speakers:  
  • Maja Dolinar 
  • Claire Rye 
  • Lianchong Zhang 
What to Expect: 
Maja, Claire, and Lianchong, our ECR co-chairs, will share their experiences and key takeaways from IDW23 and DSWS, including networking opportunities, and the significance of their research in the data science community. They will also shed some light on the specific challenges faced by early career researchers and the unique aspects of presenting at these prominent data science conferences. 
Do not pass on the chance to learn about their unique perspectives on the conference landscape, sharing the highlights of their journey, the impact of their research, and the role of early career researchers in shaping the future of data science. 
How to Attend: 
To join this informative webinar, stay tuned as webinar registration will be opening soon on our website.  
Don't miss this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from these rising stars in the data science community. 
Save the date and set your alarms for "Rising Stars: A Webinar on Early Career Researchers' Conference Experiences in Data." We look forward to your participation and engagement in this illuminating discussion. 
Take the Stage and Showcase YOUR Talents in Our ECR Webinar! 
We invite our Early Career Members to step into the spotlight and share their work with our community! Prepare a talk capturing the essence of your accomplishments and expertise. 
Submit your proposal
Why should you participate? 
  • Visibility:Feature prominently in our webinar, spotlighting the exceptional skills of our ECR members. 
  • Networking:Connect with like-minded professionals in your field. 
  • Recognition: Earn acknowledgment for your valuable contributions. 
How to get involved? 
  1. Submit an abstract outlining your talk idea for approval. 
  2. Your abstract should concisely summarize (max. 250 words) the main points, objectives, and key takeaways that participants can expect to gain from attending the webinar. Here are some essential elements to include: 
  3. Introduction:Begin with a brief introduction that captures the essence of your work or the topic of the webinar. This should provide a clear understanding of what the webinar will focus on. 
  4. Purpose/Objectives: Outline the main goals and objectives of the webinar. What specific information, skills, or insights will participants gain by attending? 
  5. Key Topics: Highlight the main topics or themes that will be covered during the webinar. Provide a high-level overview of the content areas that will be discussed. 
  6. Audience Benefits:Explain the value participants will receive by attending. How will this webinar contribute to their knowledge, skills, or understanding of the subject matter? 
  7. Key Takeaways:Summarize the main points or actionable insights participants can expect to take away from the webinar. This could include new perspectives, practical tips, strategies, or solutions to specific problems. 
  8. Speaker(s) Information:Briefly mention the speaker(s) expertise, qualifications, or experiences related to the webinar topic. 
  9. Indicate your top two preferred months to be featured as the guest of honor in one of our webinars. 
  10. Once approved, submit your slide deck presenting your work. 
Don't miss this opportunity to shine a light on your achievements! Your voice matters, and we're excited to showcase the incredible talent within our ECR community. 
Ready to make your mark?  
Please submit your proposal on our and be part of a webinar celebrating the skills and accomplishments of our ECR members! Let's amplify your success together! 
Calling All Members: Share Your International Love Data Week Activities️ 
As  approaches (12-16 February 2024), we're excited to celebrate the power of data! Are you organizing any special activities or events to mark this occasion? We want to hear from you! 
Share details about the engaging activities you have planned for International Love Data Week, and we'll help promote them far and wide! Your initiatives could inspire others and contribute to spreading the importance and joy of working with data.  
Don't miss this chance to showcase your contributions to the data community. Kindly send us information about your events or activities, and we'll eagerly share them across our platforms. 
Let's join forces in celebrating International Love Data Week together! 
Please share your activities with us by 6 February via email to
Job, Education & Funding Opportunities! 
RDA Europe Hiring 
RDA Europe is hiring for four key positions to support its expanding project portfolio and organization growth. They are looking for: 
Application Deadline: 31 January, 23:59 CET 
Apply now to be part of their international team dedicated to supporting the Research Data Alliance community. For detailed information and application guidelines, visit: 
Don't miss your chance! Join the RDA staff and contribute to impactful projects in the world of research data. 
National Open Research Coordinator Position: Join the DRI Team! 
Exciting opportunity to become the National Open Research Coordinator at the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) based at the Royal Irish Academy (RIA). This twelve-month role involves driving Ireland's National Action Plan for Open Research 2022–2030, collaborating with stakeholders, overseeing grant funding, and representing the National Open Research Forum (NORF) nationally and internationally. 
Key Responsibilities: 
  • Implement Ireland's National Action Plan for Open Research 2022–2030 
  • Manage NORF Open Research Fund and grant processes 
  • Track project delivery and National Action Plan objectives 
  • Represent NORF in Open Research developments 
  • Liaise with stakeholders and act as a line manager for NORF staff 
For details and application, visit . Applications close on 6 February 2024. 
Internship Opportunity: HCI in Data Ecosystems for Large Models 
Explore the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI) and machine learning with the team at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK). This multidisciplinary team is seeking a talented intern to contribute to inclusive data ecosystems for large multi-modal models. 
Key Responsibilities: 
  • Develop participatory approaches for data augmentation of models 
  • Guide machine learning research to enhance the inclusivity of data ecosystems for large multi-modal models 
  • Drive high-quality research insights through publications 
  • Collaborate effectively in a multi-disciplinary team 
Required Qualifications: 
  • Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in HCI or a related field 
  • Demonstrable experience in participatory methods 
  • Track record of research publications in top-tier conferences/journals 
  • Effective communication skills and a collaborative mindset 
Preferred Qualifications: 
  • Multi-disciplinary problem-solving skills 
  • Passion for inclusivity in AI technologies 
  • Previous experience in diverse skill-set teams 
For details and application, visit . Don't miss the chance to contribute to groundbreaking research in human-AI interaction! 
Internship Opportunity: Machine Learning in Inclusive Multi-modal Models 
Join the team at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) as a Machine Learning (ML) intern! They are seeking candidates to explore the capabilities of multi-modal models, specifically image-text models, with a focus on identifying and mitigating failure modes. The goal is to ensure equitable performance for all users. 
  • Currently pursuing a PhD in machine learning or a related area. 
  • Deep technical understanding of image-text models (e.g. GPT-4Vision, CLIP) and expertise in AI fairness, model adaption methods, or interpretability/transparency. 
  • Proven ability to drive high-quality research insights through publications in top-tier machine-learning conferences/journals. 
  • Hands-on experience in implementing and evaluating deep learning approaches in PyTorch. 
Preferred Qualifications: 
  • Multi-disciplinary problem-solving skills. 
  • Passion for inclusivity in AI technologies. 
  • Previous experience in diverse skill-set teams. 
  • Contributions to open-source code projects (e.g., GitHub). 
Apply now: and be part of groundbreaking research in inclusive multi-modal models! 
Join the AI Literacy Hackathon: Crafting Open Educational Resources for Tomorrow's Challenges 
Carnegie Mellon University Libraries is hosting an AI Literacy Resource Hackathon on 3 April, 2024. Join in creating openly licensed materials for algorithm and AI literacy aligned with ACRL Framework. 
Free one-day event in Pittsburgh; travel not covered. 
Seeking diverse participants with technical, editorial, and pedagogical skills. 
Apply by 5 February; registration status notified by 9 February. 
More information and the application form can be found
National Science Policy Symposium - Register Now! 
Join the National Science Policy Symposium on 12-14 April 2024, in Riverside, California!  
Early bird registration is open until 31 January. Don't miss this flagship event, bringing together early-career scientists and engineers for panels, workshops, presentations, networking, and more. Explore "Local to Global Innovation" and discover how science policy shapes our future.  
Attend in person or virtually. Register
Exciting Resources 
OSMScience 2023 Proceedings Released! 
The Proceedings of are now available! Published by the Scientific Committee, these proceedings feature 17 short papers presented as part of the State of the Map Europe 2023 conference in Antwerp, Belgium. Download the full proceedings or access individual papers . Feedback and suggestions for future editions are welcome. 
New WDS Office Hours for the Year!️ 
We're thrilled to announce our for the year ahead, aimed at providing you with even better service and support. 
14/15 February 
8/9 May 
14/15 August 
13/14 November 

@ 8 – 9 PM EST 
@ 10 – 11 AM JST 
@ 11 AM – 12 PM AEST 
@ 1 – 2 AM UTC 
13 March 
12 June 
11 September 
11 December 
@ 7 – 8 AM EDT 
@ 1 – 2 PM EEST/SAST 
@ 12 – 1 PM WAT/CET 
@ 11 AM – 12 PM UTC 

10 April 
10 July 
9 October 

@ 9 – 10 AM EDT 
@ 6 – 7 AM PDT 
@ 7 – 8 AM CST 
@ 1 – 2 PM UTC 
Kindly consider the operating hours aligned with your region and don't hesitate to contact us within those time frames for any questions, appointments, or assistance you might need. Access the calendar invite at your convenience via our website using this link:  
We look forward to continuing to serve you efficiently and effectively throughout the year! 
We Would Love to Hear from You 
Dive into our dynamic community, connect with fellow researchers, and contribute to the WDS-ECR Community of Excellence. Showcase your work, share stories, and expand your professional network. Your contribution to this newsletter is welcome! Submit your content ! Engage in workshops, webinars, and conferences for learning and collaboration. Your active involvement drives our success. Together, let's impact scientific research data management. Thanks for being part of WDS ECR Network. Stay tuned for valuable opportunities and resources in our newsletter. For questions, email .

Stay curious, connected, and advance data science! 
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